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Page Artist ♡ 21 zinesLead ♡ COUTURE, soopGraphics ♡ COUTURE, Berry-Tastic, Cross|roadsDiscord ♡ COUTURE, Wings, TenDonna, Gateway to You, Cross|roadsManagement ♡ COUTURE, TenDonna, WingsProduction ♡ COUTURE, God of Little Things

Solo ♡ Let Me Love You, For Forever, Spice, WanderlustCo-Mod ♡ Apples and Unicorns, Spirit, PLUS ULTRA! SWITCH, It’s Meaningless Without YouLead ♡ 「阿吽」To Have You as a Partner, All Saints Vacation, Opulence, Gateway to You, Orbit, Wings, KoobicoreProduction ♡ 26 zinesShipping ♡ 19 zinesWriting ♡ 17 zinesFinance ♡ 14 zinesArt ♡ 10 zinesWriter ♡ 7 zines


Finance ♡ 雪中梅Management ♡ COUTURESocials ♡ COUTURETranslation (Russian) ♡ COUTURE

Max Frost

Lead ♡ Wings, Project Chao, RetromaniaManagement ♡ COUTURE, I'm Wishing For A Good Ending, CloudburstLayout ♡ I'm Wishing For A Good Ending, Project Chao, Live & LearnProduction ♡ COUTURE, Identity Vogue, EndingsFinance ♡ 27 zinesTranslation (Russian) ♡ COUTURE, Project Chao

Page Artist ♡ 20 zinesMerch Artist ♡ Hells Fire, I Only Have You, Gateway to You, Mikrokosmos Approaches, Code 130613Cover Artist ♡ WingsSocials ♡ COUTURE

Writer ♡ Lil Meow Meow, Trivia Love, Taekook Cookbook, WingsWriting ♡ Mikrokosmos ApproachesManagement ♡ COUTURE


Writer ♡ Redamancy, Hell's Fire, Daechwita, World is Ours, Book of Min, To the Depths and Ends, Querencia, Starry SkyPage Artist ♡ Sunny Side, Happi Hallo, Happi ValliLead ♡ soopWriting ♡ Gateway to You, Wishing for a Good Ending, Fly To My Room, soopOrganization ♡ COUTURE, soopCommunications ♡ Fly To My Room, 2! 3!, soop


Lead ♡ Project ChaoWriting ♡ Project ChaoSocials ♡ COUTURE, Once Upon a Zine, Project Chao


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♡ Theme: A Namjoon and Yoongi (BTS) zine♡ Mods: Birdie, Cara♡ Stage: Production


♡ Theme: A multifandom retro anime zine♡ Mods: Birdie, Cara, MaxFrost, Mint♡ Stage: Production

♡ Theme: A BTS rock zine♡ Mods: Cara, MaxFrost, Mint, Nani, Yuvia♡ Stage: Complete

♡ Theme: A BTS zine♡ Mods: Birdie, Cara, Daria, Nani, Theo♡ Stage: Complete

♡ Theme: A Chao (Sonic) zine♡ Mods: MaxFrost, Yuvia♡ Stage: Volume 2 Released

♡ Theme: A BTS x high fashion zine♡ Mods: All♡ Stage: Complete


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♡ It all began with this thread.♡ When we started out in our first zine, COUTURE, there was an instant connection. We got along well and enjoyed each other's work ethic as co-mods, and playfulness as friends. With a shared love for creating artistic projects, we knew we wanted to keep working together.♡ Birdie's undying distaste for the design of BT21 character Shooky has been a running inside joke since the early days of COUTURE. While discussing the specifics of this potential team of mods, we realized we needed a name. Max swooped in with a suggestion, honoring Shooky and their legacy within our group. We took to the name instantly.♡ Hence, Cookie Crumbs was born, a home base for a group of friends who make zines.


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